Conoce a un Estudiante de Teología Carmelita

Edgar Lopez

Edgar Lopez, originally from Guatemala, began his journey to become a Carmelite in August of 2003 and professed his final vows prior to ordination on August 20, 2011. He is a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas College in Houston and is currently in his second year of studies working on a Masters in Divinity at Washington Theological Union (WTU) in Washington, DC

Currently, Edgar is living with other Carmelites of varying ages at the Whitefriars Hall Residence in Washington D.C. . When reflecting on his life in community Edgar said, “Carmelite life here is one that nourishes my spiritual and my emotional life. It challenges me to continue to expand in areas of my life that still need some work”.

In addition to being a residence for the Carmelites, Whitefriars serves as an international student house, bringing together people from various countries, and furthering each student’s knowledge of what Carmel means to those schooled in cultures other than their own.

While completing his Theological studies at Whitefriars, Edgar plans on working in campus ministry at Georgetown University. Edgar’s prior ministry experience while in formation was at St. Raphael elementary school in South Central Los Angles where he taught 6th and 8th graders religion, science and art.

As he moves towards ordination Edgar reflects, “Being a Carmelite in the 21st century means a lot to me. I am blessed to be part of this family that has a long history of following Jesus. He goes on to say, “ I have grown in appreciation of the Carmelite Saint, John of the Cross and his approach of being present to the Beloved Jesus in the lives of all of God’s people in their struggles and in their hope and dream of a better world.” Edgar feels it is through this process that we find the clues to our heavenly home.

It is Edgar’s desire, after ordination, to work with the Hispanic population in Carmelite parishes, missions and high schools.


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